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Are you interested in…

Making a difference in a woman or child’s life?
Asssisting those less fortunate in our community?
Planning a Fundraising Event?
Meeting a group of dedicated women and making new friends?

If you answered YES, then the Joliet Junior Woman’s Club is for you!!

Fine Arts

Works to promote the creative and performing arts and the role of women in the arts. Projects that fall under the Fine Arts committee include:

  • Creating art through photography, painting, music, literature, poetry, drama and craft projects
  • Supporting events at local museums
  • Motivating youth to explore the arts
  • Volunteering at local theaters
  • Creating decorations for club projects and fundraisers


Works to promote literacy, continuing education, and the better understanding of learning disabilities. Education projects might include:

  • Creating and maintaining a lending library at community organizations
  • Awarding scholarships to college students
  • Establishing volunteer reading programs at local schools
  • Tutoring area students


The Hospitality Committee coordinates programs at general meetings and act as hostesses. Hospitality projects might include:

  • Selecting venues for monthly meetings
  • Facilitating new members and making them feel comfortable at meetings


establishes and implements environmental awareness programs. Conservation projects might include:

  • Participating in spring and fall plantings at local community centers
  • Collecting items to be reused and recycled
  • Supporting neighborhood beautification and park preservation efforts

Home Life

Focuses on women’s issues and family economics. It covers a compilation of programs from women and seniors to the homeless. Home Life projects might include:

  • Providing clothing, food, and monetary donations to local shelters
  • Hosting a self-defense seminar
  • Collecting blankets to be distributed at local shelters
  • Adopting a needy family

Public Issues & International Outreach

Works to heighten community awareness of such critical issues as violence prevention, community safety, citizen responsibilities and the importance of community partnerships. Projects might include:

  • Participating in Take Back the Night
  • Encouraging voter registration within the club and in the community
  • Serving meals at local shelters

Membership Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Lewickas

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Lewickas

My sister, Katie Gulas was a member and she introduced me to the club. I went to the JJWC Witches Ball the year before and thought it seemed like a fun way to get involved and give back. I love planning our fundraisers! I’m very excited to get to be a part of planning...

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Member Spotlight: Becky Swarthout

Member Spotlight: Becky Swarthout

Shelly Gora, another member I want to work in the community and give back. I’m brand new but I’m looking forward to working in the Masquerade Ball. I’m sure I will! I’m married and a mom of 3 boys. I have a 6 year old son Jacob - junior in high school, 8 year old...

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Member Spotlight: Amy Byrne

Member Spotlight: Amy Byrne

At the GFWC IL Summer Seminar in Joliet in 2018. I was so impressed by the activities that Katrina Nolan accepted certificates for that the JJWC had done in the preceding year. It sounded like JJWC was a group of women who had fun while serving the community. As a new...

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